Data and Disaster RecoveryIn today’s age, every company’s continuity plan should include how to recover data after a disaster. However recent figures show that this is often not the case, and from those who have a plan, they are are not nearly as effective as they should be. Over half of the people that Expedient surveyed indicated that that their Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan didn’t provide a reliable safety net when the worst actually happened. In most cases, this was due to the failure of thorough testing of the DR plan before an emergency actually happened.


How does a poor DR plan affect you

TIME – Loss of Productivity, Delay in Product/Service Development, Delay in Delivering the Product to the Market

TRUST – Loss of Customer, Loss of Customer Confidence/Loyalty, Loss of Repeat Business

DAMAGE – Loss of Data, Loss of Intellectual Property,

MONEY – Loss of Income

A thorough DR plan can prevent unnecessary expenses, delays and loss to your business. Reduce the risk of damaging your company’s reputation while keeping your company running efficiently.

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