Once Outlook is open, please select “File” from the top left corner

Once in the file menu, select “Open & Export”

From there, select “Import/Export”

In the new screen, select “Export to a file” then press next

Then select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” then press next

From here select the folder you wish to backup. If you want to backup all outlook items including your calendar and contacts, select the top most entry (usually your email address or “personal folder”). Please ensure you have “Include subfolders” ticked. Then press next

Select the backup location using the “browse” button. Once done, press “Finish”. The options don’t need to be changed unless you are carrying out a second or subsequent backup and overwriting the original backup file.

  • Replace duplicates with items exported will overwrite existing data with the data being exported
  • Allow duplicate items to be created will not overwrite any data and duplicate information will be added to the backup file
  • Do not export duplicate items will keep existing data and will not copy duplicate data onto the backup file

in the next screen, you are prompted for a password. This password is a new password that you create. This is optional and can be skipped by pressing the “OK” button

After this, you will see a progress bar. Once this has disappeared, your outlook files are backed up

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