Adding Google Apps to your Outlook on a PC

To setup your google apps email account on your Outlook in a Windows enviroment, you will need to follow the following steps:

Download and install Google Apps Sync for Outlook. You can get this here.

Click on Download Google Apps Sync.


Depending on your browers, you may have a pop up to ask you to run the file (Internet Explorer), or it may just go directly into your downloads folder. To access the download on Chrome or Firefox, press the “Ctrl” Key + the “J” key. Run the file “googleappssyncsetup.exe”. This will start the install process.


Once installed, the application will have a pop up screen which will ask you to enter your email address. Enter your google apps email address here then press “Continue”. Make sure that “Remember me” is ticked


This will now open a browser and ask for your google apps password. Once you ahve entered your password, the website will be redirected to an authorisation page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on the blue “Accept” button


Click on “Create Profile”


Then click on “Start Microsoft Outlook”


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